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Do you have a fantasy sports product we could sell?

Why Playing Fantasy Sports is Better Than Playing Professional Sports T-Shirt

Features Fantasy Sports Junkie design on front of white shirt . Back of shirt reads:
Why Playing Fantasy Sports is Better Than Playing Professional Sports
10. No silly uniforms
9. All the glory without the workouts
8. Don't have to shower after the game
7. Minimal risk of injury
6. No testing for performance-enhancing drugs
5. All games are ' home' games
4. No media pressure
3. No fines for being late to team meetings
2. No game night curfews
1. Can drink beer while playing

The Fantasy Sports Why Fantasy Sports is Better Than Profession Sports Tshirt is the perfect shirt for all fantasy sport fanatics. Whether it be Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy Soccer or Racing, these shirts are sure to please all Fantasy Fans.

Shirt Size

X-Large and XX-Large are currently sold out of this shirt.

All T-Shirts are ring-spun to prevent shrinkage and are made of the highest quality 100% cotton. These are NOT cheap shirts! 6oz, 100% preshrunk combed ringspun cotton. Ribbed collar. Coverseamed front of neck and armholes. Double-needle stitched hemmed sleeves and bottom. Taped shoulder-to-shoulder.
T-Shirt designs have been copy-writed and trademarked by FSgear. Any misrepresentation or use of designs by any company or individual without the permission of FSgear will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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